Miami-Dade College

Haitian Creole Classes at Miami-Dade College

Haitian Creole Classes at Miami-Dade College

Miami-Dade offers courses in Haitian Creole at several levels. The introductory class HAI2340 explores basics of writing, focusing on punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and vocabulary. HAI2341 is for improving fluency in writing in Haitian-Creole for those wishing to become translators.

HAT2802 is for academics interested in discovering syntax and semantics of Haitian-Creole and English languages. HCW2020 is also for academics that want an understanding of Haitian-Creole literature within the context of Haitian culture and history.

MDC Kendall Campus
11011 SW 104 Street - Miami, FL 33176-3393

MDC Hialeah Campus
1780 W 49th Street - Hialeah, Florida 33012

MDC North Campus
11380 NW 27th Ave. - Miami, FL 33167-3495

MDC Wolfson Campus
300 NE Second Ave. - Miami, FL 33132

MDC InterAmerican Campus
627 SW 27th Ave. - Miami, FL 33135

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