Ady Jean Gardy awarded Grand Prize International of history

Ady Jean Gardy awarded Grand Prize International of history

Career journalist and former Minister for Communication in Haiti, Ady Jean Gardy, was awarded by the International Cultural Association "Arts and Letters of France", of the prestigious"Grand Prize International of history" for his work "stories of the Arawak Indians of Haiti".

Ady Jean-Gardy (born Haiti: 15 September 1967) is a man of many talents. He is a historian, reformist, international press activist, an international leader of peace, Chief of Staff of the Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then became the Minister of Communication in Haiti between 2012-13. Ady Jean-Gardy has been awarded the French Academy Institute of Arts and Letters International History Prize during the weekend of May 2-3, 2015, on the International History Prize in the 47th annual history contest conducted in Bordeaux. The competition was limited to unpublished works: in particular, historical research not yet unveiled. The jury of the International Cultural Association has described his 500 page document as a project that has shed a new light on the life of Indian Arawaks of Haiti. The research has gone back to the days of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and the time when Arawaks arrived in the Caribbean in 1,500 years BC. His prize will be awarded to him at a gala ceremony in the French Academy on June in Angoulême.

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