Mathias Pierre now backing up Jean Charles Moise

Mathias Pierre now backing up Jean Charles Moise

Here is a picture of former candidate Mathias Pierre after throwing his support to Jean Charles Moise.

Recently, at a joint press conference at The Plaza Hotel, Mathias Pierre, presidential electoral candidate from Konsyans Patriyotik party has announced his withdrawal from the race and expressed his solidarity with Jean-Charles Moïse from Pitit Dessalines banner in the run for the Presidency. He has welcomed Senator Jean-Charles Moïse as the future president. As per his statement, Mathias, as a successful businessman has committed himself to social causes and he believes people like him should come forward to take a leading role and help his countrymen to come out of poverty. He fears an electoral coup d'état involving theft, corruption and disorder orchestrated by the outgoing President Martelly to make Jovenel Moïse from Tet Kale Party, a winner. He has asked his supporters to move to Moise Jean Charles' camp. Mathias Pierre, contributor of the 'Fondation ETRE Ayisyen' is a successful entrepreneur, President of GaMa Group and an author. He is a role model in Haitian society for his social commitment.

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