Ruben Nicolas, Olympic dream to represent Haiti in boxing

Ruben Nicolas, Olympic dream to represent Haiti in boxing

Here is a picture of Ruben Nicolas who wants to represent Haiti ni boxing at the Olympic games in Brazil.

Rubens Nicolas, a Lely High School graduate in 2005, is an amateur boxer who never wants to give up his dream to represent his country, Haiti, in the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. However, unfortunately, his passport issues might cost him his dream of boxing in the Olympic game. He had submitted every necessary paper that he was asked to, five months ago, but when everything resolved, the time was too late. Now he is expecting an admission with a wild card entry, which is on rare occasions, are given to participants from countries which do not have much participation or representation in the international arena and that does not hold good in his case. He is frustrated, because to fit in the right criteria, he has shredded 50 pound weight. He has no option, but to expect for an extenuation! We all pray for him and hope to see him in the ring in Rio between August 5 to 21 2016.

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