Street Protester removing Sign of President Michel Martelly

Street Protester removing Sign of President Michel Martelly

Here is a picture of a Street Protester removing the picture of President Michel Martelly.

Anti-government protest in Haiti

The incident followed a series of other demonstrations in the weeks leading up to it, showing the dissatisfaction of a fraction of the population with the current administration. Despite the reports being made about the government's strides in improving the living conditions of the country's people, the protest accused them of just the opposite. The opposition further accused the government of far-flung corruption, for doing very little to ease poverty, and for the rising cost of living in the country.

As many of these charges are still flung at the Martelly Government one year later, it is no wonder the protesting, like that witnessed in late October 2014, continues. Added to those old charges is, of course, the new one of the purposeful delay of the long-awaited elections.

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