Haiti Government Shake-Up

Haiti Government Shake-Up

As a new government was established to comply with the agreement reached at El Rancho Hotel, the population has noticed several new faces. Among the new members are Duly Brutus, Reginald Delva, Nesmy Manigat, Rudy Heriveaux, Lener Renauld, Joseph Patrick Sully, Monique Rosann, and Himler Rebu, just to name a few.

Duly Brutus replaced Pierre Richard Casimir by becoming Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship. Nesmy Manigat who was one of the members of the bipartisan Commission negotiating and forer Advisor to the Prime Minister, became Minister of National Education and Vocational Training.

Former Lavalas member, Mr. Rudy Heriveaux, was appointed Minister of Communication, replacing Josette Darguste.Former Director General of the Institute for the Protection of National Heritage (ISPAN), Monique Rosann replaced Josette Darguste as Minister of Culture. Former Major of FADH Lener Renauld was appointed Minister of Defense. Former colonel Himmler Rebu, was appointed Minister of Youth, Sports and Civic Action.

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