Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime

Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime

Here is a picture of Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime. On February 24, 2016, Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aimé unearthed another scam. As per his source report, Emmanuel Ménard, the director of the National Old-Age Insurance Office (ONA) in a letter dated 18 January 2016, instructed the Republic Bank of Haiti to transfer huge sums favoring an account of the Unibank SA (A/c No: 102-1011-301-898). The transfer of the sum, as per his description was initiated by the Tet Kale team, intended to bribe the parliamentarians to ensure their party's continuity in power. On the same day, there was another estimated billion gourdes transfer to an account of the BRH (A/c No: 131-669-799). There was another suspicious transfer of funds amounting $20 million to an Israeli firm. The reasons of all these transfers of public money were never properly disclosed and thus they call for a serious investigation.

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