Steven Benoit wounded by rubber bullet during protest

Steven Benoit wounded by rubber bullet during protest

Here is a picture of Senator Steven Benoit as he was wounded by rubber bullet during protest.

The Government of the Republic of Haiti has expressed its anxiety over the issue that different demonstrations organized to challenge the results of recent elections are becoming increasingly violent, defying all the code of conduct for peaceful demonstrations. On November 18, 2015, one of such demonstrations has even vandalized the noble inaugural ceremony of the renovated historic site of the 'Battle of Vertières' on the day of its 212th anniversary. The protesters disobeyed the separators marking the boundary of protests and forcefully wanted to enter the premises of CEP. On November 18, 1803, Haiti won Independence from France in The Battle of Vertières. The enslaved Africans successfully led a revolution for their freedom in a two month long battle to become the first country in the world history to ban slavery and become the world's first Independent Black republic.

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