Dominican Haitians waiting for regularization to avoid deportation

Dominican Haitians waiting for regularization to avoid deportation

Here is a picture where several Dominican Haitians are waiting for regularization of their papers on the Dominican Republic to avoid deportation.

On 18th June, a group of about 1,500 sugarcane workers filed for an injunction in the Superior Administrative Court against the Ministries of Interior and Police, Foreign Affairs, the Presidency, the Central Electoral Board and Immigration Agency to prevent their deportation along with their families.
They prayed to obtain recognition as government contractors. The Court's 1st Civil Chamber has been scheduled for a hearing on July 25th.

There were thousands of confused Haitian undocumented immigrants, including elderly, babies and children were seen among those spending sleepless nights, lined up outside the government regularization processing offices to establish their right to remain in the Dominican Republic or otherwise face deportation.

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