Thomas A. Shannon in Haiti meeting with Michel Martelly

Thomas A. Shannon in Haiti meeting with Michel Martelly

Here is a picture of Thomas A. Shannon, the Counselor to U.S. Secretary of State Kerry who is in Haiti in preparation of John Kerry's Visit. He is in a meeting with President Michel Martelly and Ambassador Pamela A. White.

As the country prepares for the official visit of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who will hold talks with the government to help Haiti see its way through its election crisis, Counselor of the Department Thomas A. Shannon, Jr. will travel ahead of Secretary Kerry to make preparations. Shannon, who is slated to arrive on December 24, has an illustrious past that includes an education at Oxford, an ability to speak English, Portuguese and Spanish, and a past working closely with Secretary Kerry, along with his own tenure as U.S. Ambassador for almost four years.

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