Venezuela Diosdado Cabello and Thomas Shannon met in Haiti

Venezuela Diosdado Cabello and Thomas Shannon met in Haiti

Here is a picture of the second most powerful man in Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello along with Haitian President Michel Martelly and U.S. State Department Counselor Thomas Shannon. Cabello and Shannon met in Haiti on Saturday, June 13, 2015 due to an arrangement made by Martelly.

Martelly arranges Meeting between U.S. and Venezuela to ease Tensions

The diplomatic relationship between U.S. and Venezuela has been strained since President Obama called for sanctions against Venezuela for human rights abuses. A meeting between U.S. State Department Counselor Shannon and Venezuelan senior official, Cabello, was arranged by President Martelly.

Shannon has spoken with Venezuelan President Maduro, who is protective of Cabello, accused by U.S. prosecutors of being a cocaine trafficker. Maduro warns "anyone who messes with Diosdado messes with me."

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