tortuga island

Grey Pierson visiting Tortuga Island in 1972

Grey Pierson visiting Tortuga Island in 1972

Here is a picture of Mr. Grey Pierson he was he was visiting Tortuga Island in 1972.

In 1968, François "Papa Doc" Duvalier needed a radio ship that could transmit his propaganda across the Caribbean and to Latin America. It was then he came into the contact of Don Pierson, a Cadillac dealer from Eastland who had two abandoned radio ships, but both were moored across the Atlantic off the coast of south-east England. Pierson struck a deal of $70 million for the ships and 'Papa Doc' though could not afford to pay the amount, leased Tortuga Island instead in 1972 on condition of equal sharing joint venture between the Haitian government and "Dupont Caribbean Inc". When in July, 2014, the Miami based Carnival Corporation announced its investment plan for US $ 700 million with the Haitian government for constructing a cruise port in the Tortuga island and transform that into a tourist Mecca, nobody was aware that one Texan named Pierson has inherited the absolute right on the island from his father on a 99 year lease contract, dated April 5, 1971. However, subsequent to that date, the Haitian government absolved itself from entire financial and all other responsibilities and granted 99 years exclusive leasehold right and full commercial authority to the Pierson 's corporation as then the Island of Tortuga was a barren place without any road, electricity or public utility services. Pierson's 'Dupont Caribbean Inc' immediately started investment and promotion activities to improve the image of Tortuga Island. As of the agreement "Dupont Caribbean Inc" was given all authority to issue licenses on trading at Tortuga and it has still remained effective.

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