Martelly declaration of sexual violence in Miraguane

Martelly declaration of sexual violence in Miraguane

Shocking declaration made by a seating president in Haiti. On Tuesday, June 28, 2015, during a campaign rally in the city of Miraguane, president Michel Martelly did not use any diplomacy in addressing a woman in the crowd who was challenging his accomplishment in the region. The President replied to the surprise of many by telling the woman in Haitian Creole she should undress and allow the men at the campaign rally to sodomize her. He also stated that he would bring her on stage and do the same. The Haitian Head of State furthermore said if he was not president he would have broken her jaw.

What does EU and UN Think about Martelly's Sexist Remarks?

Women's group leaders in Haiti are expecting to hear from the European Union and United Nations, regarding President Martelly's assault on a woman in Miragoâne.

Martelly told a woman critical of his government to humiliate herself with the men at the rally, including himself. He added it was too bad he was president, or else he would have punched her in the jaw. Like Trump, he is an embarrassment to his country.

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