The fall of Francois Hollande in Haiti

The fall of Francois Hollande in Haiti

Here is a picture of French President Francois Hollande during a visit in Haiti on May, 12, 2015. He actually fall in a stairway as he was going up to speak

France won't pay Haiti Reparations: Martelly says it's Time to Move On

President Francois Hollande arrived in Port-au-Prince with a commitment to invest $145 million into Haiti's economy. Although government and business sectors welcome Hollande's largesse, protestors with long memories about France's extorting $20 billion from Haiti as payment for its independence, are fuming.

One protestor shared how many feel about France's wresting $20 billion in reparations for plantation owners' losses: "We Haitians know . . . a big reason why we are suffering today is because we were forced to pay France for our freedom . . ." An event coercing Haiti to pay ". . . ten times the country's annual revenues . . ." was a world-wide embargo led by the French in 1825. French warships threatened to bomb Port-au-Prince harbor if Haiti didn't pay up.

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