Tomtom ak Kalalou Gombo

Tomtom ak Kalalou Gombo

Here is a picture of Haitian President Michel Martelly making Tomtom.

This Haitian dish Tomtom is a signature dish from South of Haiti. Breadfruit With Okra is also called in Haitian Creole Tomtom ak Kalalou Gombo or Veritab ak Gombo.
Some argue that the dish is originated from the city of Jeremie in Haiti and considered to be traditional to the town. The dish is dated back during French colonization of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) when it was the everyday dish of the Haitians.
Here is what you need to make Tomtom: Breadfruit, salt, crushed black pepper, okra (fresh or frozen), olive oil, tomato paste, Chopped onions, zest of lemon
Breadfruit is very plentiful in the island and its yield is one of the highest for any food plant. Gombo or okra was also easy to come by in colonial times because it grows quickly in tropical climates. Haitians has a famoiu proverb: "Ou sèl dwèt pa manjé kalalou gombo". English version: "One finger does not eat OOkra"

The Haitian dish can not be eaten by itself. Best way to eat it is to place the breadfruit mash in the middle of a table, the gumbo purée alongside it

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