View of Lycee Alexandre Petion

View of Lycee Alexandre Petion

Here is a view of Lycee Alexandre Petion during the inauguration of its building in October 2015

The new building has a total 43 classrooms: out of which 16 are dedicated for primary section and 23 for secondary section accommodating about 2,600 students and 167 teachers. The school was almost destroyed during the 2010 earthquake; now it became functional once again with including multi-sports fields, five laboratories, cafeterias, and an auditorium with 250 seats.

During his speech for the occasion, the President mentioned 'Lycée Alexandre Pétion' as the first secular educational institution in the Caribbean. As the success of an educational institution depends on the participation of all, the new school calls for the supports of every part of the society. Now, the children of Bel-Air can attain the best education here, and the concept of building and running a successful educational institution in an impoverished area like Bel-Air should be understood by the countrymen as a model, an example which other disadvantaged areas in Haiti should follow where the children can learn about the modern technologies and inventions.

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