Voodoo Leader Max Beauvoir

Voodoo Leader Max Beauvoir

Here is a picture of the Voodoo leader in Haiti, Max Beauvoir.

Max Gesner Beauvoir (August 25, 1936 - September 12, 2015) was a male priest (Houngan) and the supreme leader (Ati) in Haitian Voodoo. Until his last day, he has fought for the recognition and acceptance of voodoo. He was the head of 6,000 Haitian witch doctors and was said to have "bewitched" former president Bill Clinton when they had a chance meeting in 1975. Beauvoir used to believe that voodoo is the soul of the Haitian people, a way of life. The soul is what we are. It controls everything, all our actions, mind, our moral codes; and nothing can be done without that cultural basis. In 1974, he founded Le Péristyle de Mariani, a voodoo temple at his coral stone-walled home outside the capital city where everyone was welcome. Max Beauvoir died on September 12, 2015. On September 16, 'national tribute' was arranged in his honor at the Champ de Mars.

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