200 monuments and sites of Haiti by ISPAN

200 monuments and sites of Haiti by ISPAN

Here is the book released by ISPAN in the presence of Ambassador of USA, 200 monuments and sites of Haiti, listed by ISPAN.

The National Heritage Protection Institute (ISPAN) with the support of a grant of US$41,500 from the United States named "U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (2012)" has published an illustrated cultural document-- "200 Monuments and Sites of Haiti". A copy of the book has been gifted by Joan Dithny Raton, the Haitian Minister of Culture to the U.S Ambassador in Haiti Ms. Pamela A. White during a ceremony held at the historic Fort-Jacques, in recognition of her country's contribution to the publication of this cultural document. During the occasion, Patrick Durandis, the Director of ISPAN has said that it is a matter of regret that our historic sites and our heritage are better known to others than the Haitians. The book contains some of the most representative photographs and information on our diverse heritage and rich culture that everybody must know.

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