According to Haitian Parliament, Privert is no longer President

According to Haitian Parliament, Privert is no longer President

Here is copy of the note issued by the Haitian Parliament to announce that as of June 15, 2016, the Haitian Parliament is now in charge of the country and not Jocelerme Privert. The note was signed by Cholzer Chancy, President of the Chamber of Deputies Ronald Lareche, Vice-President of the Senate,

Haiti politicians and lawmakers are divided in opinions on whether Privert is still a Haiti's caretaker president. As per Emmanuel Jean Francois, the communications chief of the prime minister's office, there is no institutional vacuum until the lawmakers meet in a National Assembly and resolve the matter by deciding whether to elect a successor or extend Privert's term. Till that President Privert is Haiti's leader. However, as per Gary Bodeau, a lawmaker from the Lower House, Privert's term has unquestionably finished and Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles has automatically become Haiti's top official by the midnight of Tuesday, June 14, 2016. It is illegal and unconstitutional for Privert to remain in the National Palace. Haitian historian Georges Michel said, as per Haitian tradition, only force can remove Privert from power before the election. However, as the country is passing through a peaceful phase, the chance of forceful expulsion is very rare. The Tet Kale political party of former President Michel Martelly called for a "popular mobilization" for Privert's expulsion while the Fanmi Lavalas faction demanded his stay. Earlier, Privert has repeatedly said that his future will be decided by the divided Parliament who put him into power.

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