Agriculture Minister Fresner Dorcin and Charles (Kiko) St Remy

Agriculture Minister Fresner Dorcin and Charles (Kiko) St Remy

Here is a picture of Haiti Minister of Agriculture, Fresner Dorcin and Charles (Kiko) St Remy. It was reported that Minister Dorcin was physically insulted by the brother in law of President Michel Martelly on a deal of over $500,000

According to the executive director of National Network Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH), Pierre Esperance the brother of the first lady of Haiti, Sophia Martelly, Kiko Saint Remy and the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Frenser Dorcin got involved in a rift following an incident that took place on 4 July 2015 in Petition Ville.
The conflict took place over financial matter. Kiko St. Remy claimed that the Agricultural Minister owed him money for a deal and an understanding between the two. The amount given to him by Dorcin was according to him inadequate, considering much Remy had done for him.

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