Anne Marie Issa, Journalist and Former co-owner and founder of Signal FM

Anne Marie Issa, Journalist and Former co-owner and founder of Signal FM

Here is a picture of Anne Marie Issa, former co-owner and founder of Signal FM who was also one of the top advisers to Jean Henry Ceant during his presidential bid in 2016 under Renmen Ayiti

In last June, Jean Henry Céant (Renmen Ayiti) along with 26 other presidential candidates from the last unfinished election, confirmed their participation by registering their names within the scheduled dates between June 20th and 22nd, 2016. Jean Henry Ceant was a member of the G8, which called for an independent commission of inquiry and a transitional government. Ceant was born on September 27, 1956 in Goureau, Croix- des-Missions in Haiti. At his early age, he learned the value of hard work from his parent. He became a practicing civil lawyer in 1985, and in 1986, he became the notary in the Municipality of Port-au-Prince. Ceant is a founding member of many organizations like Association of Housing Cooperative COLOFE; Research Center and Tabarre Community Development (CREDECT); the Trade Union Association of Notaries Professionals (ASNOP); the Right Business Association (ODA); Collectif Haiti-LOVE (Agir-Here-Now-Rebuilding Together for Haiti) and the Medical Center; the Haitian Foundation for Support to the University Training (FHASFU), the Club of Haitian Youth Concerned (CJHC), the Haitian-Arab Foundation for Development, Education and Culture (CHADEC). He is recognized for his leadership and valuable contribution to the SIMACT Foundation. According to Ceant, the progress of Haiti depends on four main pillars: Women, Peasants, the Young and the Haitian Diaspora.

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