Beyonce visits Haiti with United Nations to see progress

Beyonce visits Haiti with United Nations to see progress

Here is a picture of the the American singer Beyonce, a 20-time Grammy winner, as she was in Haiti on May 16, 2015 to monitor progress. As several heads of state and other high officials came to Haiti recently to show that they did not forget the people, Beyonce also wants to show the public that Haiti is on her mid as well in this photo opportunity; however, the actual effect of all these aids that the country received following the 2010 earthquake remains questionable.

On May 17, the , multiple Grammy award-winner Beyoncé visited Haiti on a United Nations humanitarian mission to look at the progress of the reconstruction work made since the devastating earthquake shattered the country five years ago. The American singer, winner of 20 Grammy awards was accompanied by Valerie Amos, the chief of United Nations' humanitarian affairs and the coordinator of emergency relief. Beyoncé was wearing a T-shirt bearing a logo of her charity organization 'BEYGOOD'. During her trip, she met some of the earthquake victims.


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