Binational market of Dajabon disrupted by demonstration in Ouanaminthe

Binational market of Dajabon disrupted by demonstration in Ouanaminthe

Here is a picture of the Binational market of Dajabon.

Binational Market Of Dajabon Disrupted By Demonstration In Ouanaminthe

Recently on December 5th, the business in the Binational market at Dajabón in Dominican Republic was severely disrupted when a widespread protest was staged in nearby Ouanaminthe and other Haitian towns. Heated clashes between the police and residents took place. The inhabitants were demanding better services, lower taxes on merchandise, supply of electricity to the homes of Caracol by Caracol Electrification Project and the resignation of President Martelly. In the early hour of the day, some hooded individuals closed the gate on the Haitian border side and started throwing stones and bottles towards the Dominican side. Although, the door was reopened later, but very few buyers and sellers ventured to take risks. The traders from both sides of the border were affected. The big buyers and sellers could not cross the border due to road blocks at the junction of Fort-Liberté and Marfetí.

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