Bochika Little Haiti Farmers Market inauguration

Bochika Little Haiti Farmers Market inauguration

A brand new way of promoting health in the Haitian community in Miami. On January 7th, Bochika opened the first Farmers Market in Little Haiti. The market which has for purpose to promote healthy eating will be open on a weekly basis from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Toussaint Louverture Elementary School in Miami.

The Little Haiti Farmers Market is a not-for-profit community event that invites vendors to gather to sell affordable, fresh, and locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables foods. The food products sold directly to the consumers.

The Bochika Little Haiti Farmers Market has plan to expand as it trying to address the needs of the Haitian community. For now, it is working in collaboration with community services to offer other services such as free health screenings, wellness workshops, children's activities and some entertainment.

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