Car set on Fire during Street Protest

Car set on Fire during Street Protest

Here is a picture of a private car being set on fire during a violent Street Protest in Haiti

Anti-government protest in Haiti has turned violent

It was a battle between bullets and stones in the country's capital of Port-au-Prince on Thursday November 7, 2013. The situation then was much like the recent incident in Petit Goave where political unrest led to a clash between protesters and the security forces.

Back in 2013, a peaceful procession of about 3,000 began marching in the morning through the towns of the capital. They were demanding that the country's leader, President Michel Martelly, resign his post, but were reportedly met with people who hurled stones at them from alleys and rooftops. This initial chaos led to a greater one still, as police intervened with the use of tear gas, but were met by the protesters throwing stones back at them. The entire melee ended only after the group of protesters fled to nearby Petion-ville.

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