Cardinal Chibly Langlois Jocelerme Privert

Cardinal Chibly Langlois Jocelerme Privert

Here is a picture of Cardinal Chibly Langlois with Provisional President Jocelerme Privert

In an exclusive interview with Le Nouvelliste on Monday night, July 25, 2016, Cardinal Chibly Langlois called on parliamentarians to choose "the lesser evil". As per Cardinal Chilby, Jocelerme Privert may not be the ideal person to lead the country, but the critical issues that the country is currently passing through such as holding of elections on the date set by the CEP and downward revision of the budget--- we have no better option than President Privert on whom we can depend. We should maintain him as the Provisional President as he is "lesser evil" than his peers who are busier to defend their own interest.

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