CEP eliminates presidential candidate Willy Duchene

CEP eliminates presidential candidate Willy Duchene

Haitian presidential candidate Willy Duchene is the most one to be eliminated by the CEP. He was accused of holding a U.S. passport.

In a circular issued by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), it has been learnt that the name of Willy Duchene from Haitian Republican Party has been removed from the list of approved candidates to participate in the presidential elections on 25 October and 27 December 2015. This decision has been taken to ensure strict compliance with the Electoral Decree because Willy Duchene had submitted a false declaration concerning his nationality which is in contravention of Articles 135 of the Constitution, paragraph (1) and 36 of the Electoral Decree, paragraph (a). Upon verification, it has been found that Duchene is a US citizen; his name is recorded as a voter from Florida, United States of America since April 20, 1995. Duchene is the third candidate that the CEP has removed from the presidential race after Jacky Lumarque of the party VERITE and Francois Levelt of the Haitian Diaspora Party for Haiti (MUDHAH).

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