Cine Variete in Haiti - 1916

Cine Variete in Haiti - 1916

Here is a picture of Cine Variete in Haiti in 1916

Cinema in Haiti almost came to an end during Duvalier regime of dictatorship. Only three local films were made during the 28-year dictatorship era of Pap Doc and Baby Doc. This was primarily because of the fact that the nation was hit by extreme poverty and the financial and technological constraints were at their best. The 3 films that were produced were Map play net - a short film by Raphael Stines in 1976, a feature film Olivia by Bob Lemoine in 1977 and Anita by Rasul Labuchin in 1980. May play net and Anita were shot with 16mm film while Olivia was shot using 35mm film.

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