Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger,  Architecture for Humanity

Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger, Architecture for Humanity

Here is a picture of Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger which is one of the architecture for Humanity.

Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger, or Good Shepherd School was a 12-grade school, which had six classrooms; it was built few years prior to the 2010 earthquake. The devastating earthquake destroyed it so badly that called for a total replacement. Its rebuilding effort was designed to reflect Montrouis' identity and passion for learning within an ideal Haitian ambiance. The phase one was completed in early 2012 and a new completed school was opened on February, 2013 with nearly 400 students. Since its reopening, it has brought national acclaim with continuous increasing enrollment. It was rebuilt with support from nonprofit organizations like Architecture for Humanity, the Stiller Foundation and Students Rebuild. Architecture for Humanity was a US-based charitable organization that used to provide architectural solutions to humanitarian crises (closed down in January 2015). Stiller Foundation was founded by Ben Stiller on a notion that all Haitian children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. Students Rebuild is a collaborative program of the Bezos Family Foundation that was formed following the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

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