College Roger Anglade in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

College Roger Anglade in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The primary and secondary school that is held privately, College Roger A. Anglade, or College Roger Anglade or the CRA was founded in 1957 by Raymonde Anglade.

Raymonde Anglade studied in Ecole Normale d'Instituteurs Elie Dubois. Roger Anglade on the other hand studied at Lycée Pétion until his secondary education. In 1953, Roger Anglade started offering private tuition to students of Saint-Louis de Gonzague and Petit Séminaire College Saint-Martial. The result was outstanding. The students who received private tutoring excelled and Roger Anglade earned quite a reputation.

Mrs. Roger Anglade, born Marie Anne Raymonde Elie, was the co-founder of College Roger Anglade. She was the director of the Primary section of the school

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