Colonel Himmler Rebu on the resignation of Nehemie Joseph

Colonel Himmler Rebu on the resignation of Nehemie Joseph

Here is Colonel Himmler reacting on the resignation of Nehemie Joseph.

Lt. Col. Himmler Rebu, a Minister of Youth, Sports and Civic Action (MJSAC), and former commander of the Leopards Battalion believes that the resignation of electoral councilor Néhémie Joseph confirms the fact what everybody knows-- if the elections are allowed to continue, the country would lead to a catastrophe. In a letter, former Councilor Joseph had informed about several lapses which were allowed to be continued without any corrective measure. A multi-partisan group, Patriotic Resistance, a conglomeration of two dozen political parties has called for a new electoral council and has asked the transitional government to organize fair, inclusive and credible elections in Haiti. Mr. Nehemiah Joseph left the permanent electoral council because he could not comply with the selection of three electoral advisers, Patrick Metellus, Salnave Exantus and Yves Benoit Jean-Marie at the instigation of the President of CSPJ, Me Anel Alexis Joseph.

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