CSPJ Ms. Anel Alexis Joseph President

CSPJ Ms. Anel Alexis Joseph President

Here is a picture of the new members of the CSPJ. Ms. Anel Alexis Joseph, president of CSPJ. many demand his resignation as head of CSPJ, Mr. Anel Alexis

After the recommendation of the presidential committee, Mr Arnel Alexis find himself in a position where he could no longer stay in the position.

As for the departing members of CTCEP they have complied with the request to resign, understanding sacrifice is necessary to solve the political crisis of the last several weeks. Lucien Jura, spokesman for the presidency, talking about the new CTCEP said, "The new electoral advisers have realized the need to now be part of the solution rather than the problem."

Martelly has conferred with CEP members, Senators Desras and Thimoleon, and will meet with Supreme Council President Joseph to get the electoral process started immediately.

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