CTCEP Member Margareth Giraud St-Louis (Executive Power)

CTCEP Member Margareth Giraud St-Louis (Executive Power)

Here is a picture of Ms. Margareth Giraud St-Louis, representing the Executive Power in Haiti.

The composition of the CTCEP include: Composition of the Bureau of CTCEP :
Chair: Emmanuel Ménard (Executive Branch)
Vice - President: Mary Clunie Dumay Miracles (Legislative Power)
General Secretary: Marie Carole Duclervil Floréal (Judicial Power)
Treasurer: Pierre Simon Georges (Legislative Power)
Advisor: Applyx Felix (Judicial Power)
Advisor: Chantal Raymond (Executive Power)
Advisor: Léopold Berlanger (Judicial Power)
Advisor: Margareth Giraud St-Louis (Executive Power)
Advisor: Joseph Néhémy: (Legislative Power)

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