Cuban Creole Choir, Desandann, at Int'l Festival in Haiti

Cuban Creole Choir, Desandann, at Int'l Festival in Haiti

Here is a picture og the Cuban Creole Choir, Desandann as they will participate at Int'l Festival in Haiti

The Creole Choir of Cuba (also known in Cuba as Desandann) is a Cuban musical group. The Creole Choir of Cuba is a vocal and percussion ensemble that performs songs about history, faith and social changes in the Caribbean. Its 10 remarkable singer members come from Camagüey, Cuba's third city. The members of this group are all children and grandchildren of Haitian immigrants. The Choir celebrates the history of their Haitian ancestors - enslaved to the Caribbean from West Africa. They have carried typical traditional music passed down in their families since the early 19th century, and have added the flavor of modern Haitian sounds following their own first visit to a Haitian festival in 1996.The group will take part at the forthcoming Int'l Festival "The Influence of Yesterday's Music in Today's Music" in Haiti. Apart from their performance, they will hold a theoretical workshop. It is a surprising fact that these people of Haitian descent are the largest ethnic minority in Cuba.

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