Daly Valet selected as campaign manager for Moise Jean Charles

Daly Valet selected as campaign manager for Moise Jean Charles

Here is a picture of Presidential Candidate under the Platform Pitit Desalin, Moise Jean Charles and his campaign Manager, Daly Valet.

It was about six months ago that Daly Valet, the star reporter of Radio Vision 2000 had announced his support for the "Pitit Dessalines" and had informed that he would endorse none other than the leader of the Platform Pitit Dessalines. Recently an agreement has been signed between Valet and Moise Jean Charles, the leader and a candidate for the presidential run under the banner of Platform Pitit Desalin. As per the terms of the agreement Moise would provide all logistical, financial and manpower supports necessary for accomplishing Valet's mission as campaign manager. Both parties to the agreement will make plans and take strategic decision, jointly within the framework of the campaign. Valet will be responsible for planning and coordinating all campaign operations of Moses throughout the country. Valet's responsibility will terminate with the final announcement of the presidential election result.

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