December 20, 2001 Guy Philippe arrested in Quito, Ecuador

December 20, 2001 Guy Philippe arrested in Quito, Ecuador

Here is a picture of Guy Philippe taken on December 20, 2001 as he was arrested in Quito, Ecuador.

Guy Philippe, a former Tonton Macoutes leader, former Haitian Police Chief, and a presidential candidate (Front for National Reconstruction, a guerrilla group) in the Haitian General Election 2006, was arrested on 20 December 2001, in Quito, Ecuador. He was arrested for masterminding a deadly attack on the Police Academy in July 2001 and of an attempted coup in December 2001. Earlier to that in 2000, he was removed from his post as police chief of Cap-Haïtien following an accusation of participating in a coup attempt in October 2000 and Philippe fled to the Dominican Republic. He received police training from the U.S Special Forces in Ecuador in the early 1990's and he was once wanted by the United States for smuggling cocaine. He was even accused by the Human Rights Watch for being a part of a death squad leadership (Tonton Macoutes) during the reign of Baby Doc Duvalier.

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