ECCO2 Haiti

ECCO2 Haiti

The Haitian President Michel Martelly has expressed his endorsement and support behind ECCO2 Corporation's program for launching clean-tech projects with Haitian government. ECCO2 will offer patents of technologies that will reduce carbon emission throughout the Republic of Haiti. Haiti is a member of Kyoto Protocol since 2005 and as per current estimate, the country emits carbon footprint of 10 million metric tons per year. The assistance under ECCO2 program is expected to reduce the present emission by 80 million metric tons over the next ten years. This emission reduction will earn Certified Emission Reduction Credits (CERs) worth about $1.5 billion. This CER earned will be sold among investment banks and trading firms to finance ECCO2 Haiti Foundation programs on economic development in Haiti. The Head of the State hopes this good attempt will bring in many positive changes towards economic recovery in the country.

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