Ecuador and Haiti flags

Ecuador and Haiti flags

Here is a picture of both Ecuador and Haiti flags.

The flags of Haiti and Ecuador will flutter together. They have a relationship built on cooperation. Since the last visit of Haitian President Martelly to Ecuador to meet Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa in July 2012, the two brotherly states have deepened their bilateral relations and cooperation in areas such as health, education, migration, technology, air transport and infrastructure. During their meet, the Ecuadoran president warned President Martelly against neocolonialism and the need for increased regional integration. Ecuador has extended its support to rebuild L'Artibonite area devastated by the 2010 earthquake. Both of these two nations are affiliated with ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas) where Ecuador is a core member, and Haiti is an observer state. A little known fact about the Haitian flag should be worthwhile to mention here that it was only in the 1936 Olympics, people realized that Haiti and Lichtenstein shares just the same flag! In the next year, a crown was added to the Lichtenstein flag.

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