Electricit D'Hati EDH, 35 Million For Modernization

Electricit D'Hati EDH, 35 Million For Modernization

In an effort to decrease the constant blackout in Haiti and to put Haiti in a path of recovery and economic development, the Inter-American Development Bank has decided to give to Electricit d'Ha ti EDH , 35 million in the form of a grant.

This is what the grant from the Inter-American Development Bank is expected to do: repair the electricity infrastructure affected by the 2010 earthquake, support the rehabilitation of the P ligre hydroelectric plant, support the use of solar energy. On the other side, this was supposed to deal with the problem of Cumberland as well.

Electricit d'Ha ti EDH is also expected to work on efforts to reduce technical and commercial losses by upgrading its equipment and increase billing and collection.

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