Fantom in hospital following Kanaval accident

Fantom in hospital following Kanaval accident

This is a picture of Fantom from Barikad crew as he was receiving care in a hospital following Kanaval accident

One parade witness reported she ". . . saw the wire falling and sparks and . . . started running for my life" Another witness stated ". . . the crowd seemed to surge all at once . . . I saw people running so I did too"

Video captured ambulance emergency personnel running past crowds of people carrying the stricken on stretchers. The hospital grounds were crammed with hundreds bearing victims or seeking information about family members. As victims were confirmed dead a wailing rose up. The hospital morgue was flooded with the dead.

Prime Minister Paul announced three days of national mourning and ordered the last day of Carnival cancelled. Government officials announced there would be a state funeral for the deceased, and a candlelight vigil for all the victims.

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