Foyer Maurice Sixto gives And Lea Kokoye

Foyer Maurice Sixto gives And Lea Kokoye

Here is a picture taking from the album Lea Kokoye - Maurice Sixto

The FMS has two main parts: one professional and the other is talent school. The professional school was started since its inception. It emphasizes on the basic and vocational training. Here, the children below the age of 16, attend primary school and receive lessons on reading, writing and mathematics. When they complete 16 years of age, get trained in carpentry, sewing, culinary arts and car repairing. Their educational training ends when they complete 24 years of age. If they want study further FMS pay for them. The talent school has four programs: dance, music, soccer and theatre. It accommodates around 450 'restavek' children in the Carrefour area, who are eligible to take part in the professional school programs. The FMS help to build their careers and makes life meaningful.

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