Franco-Haitian Jean-Pierre Roy, aka Rasta Piquet

Franco-Haitian Jean-Pierre Roy, aka Rasta Piquet

Here is a picture of Franco-Haitian Jean-Pierre Roy, aka Rasta Piquet

Competing against great racers from small countries like Haiti is never an easy job. However, the Franco-Haitian, Jean-Pierre Roy, aka "Rasta Piquet" at his age around 52, represented Haiti in the 3rd World Ski Championships in Vail (Eagle County, Colorado, United States). With over 700 athletes from 70 countries, FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, 2015, is the largest gathering of the racers in the world, scheduled from February 2-15 of 2015. The final showdown on the event was witnessed when Haitian ski racer Jean-Pierre Roy battled out with the Jamaican Mike Williams for the last place at Golden Peak, on Thursday February 12. Roy took the Caribbean title on the day by defeating Williams from Jamaica. After his win, he has said. "I will be the first in the world to participate in the World Championships as a grandfather!" He was born in Port-au-Prince, founder of the Haitian Ski Federation (Fall 2010), wants to Haiti remains in the hearts of all.

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