Funeral for Victims of Kanaval accident

Funeral for Victims of Kanaval accident

Here is a picture of the 17 caskets of the people who died in the Kanaval accident in Haiti in 2015

National Funeral held for 17 Carnival Victims

The government has vowed it would produce an inter-agency report concerning the deadly incident. The government's promises aside, outraged Haitians spilled into the streets to demonstrate against government negligence that created the conditions for the power line to explode, killing 17 and injuring 76.

Carnival entertainers and the deceased's family members attacked the Martelly-Paul government for its laxity in protecting the safety of thousands at the mammoth festival. The common practice of using a stick to clear overhead power lines during Carnival is stupid and dangerous, and the government needs to seriously consider installing underground power cables before the next Carnival.

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