Journalist Jefferson Michel Casseus

Journalist Jefferson Michel Casseus

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On Sunday, August 30, around 5:30 PM, Jefferson Michel Casseus, the popular journalist from National Television of Haiti (TNH) died in a terrible car accident. He was travelling in a green Suzuki with another journalist Jhonson Baptiste, a contributing editor of Daily Le Nouvelliste and one woman whose identity is unknown. The woman and Baptiste both died on the spot. Casseus was seriously injured. Initially, he was taken to 'Doctors Without Borders Hospital' in Carrefour, but was later shifted to the 'Hospital of the State University of Haiti' (HUEH). The doctors at the HUEH were on strike. Without considering his condition, they left him unattended on the hospital floor for almost two hours and he died. Casseus's final words were "I am choking". The other car to the accident was a Honda Accord, damaged to a lesser extent, was carrying back four people from the beach-- one of its passengers died on the spot. Casséus had a keen interest on matters related to social issues; he was a host of "Morning Magazine Agenda Show" on TNH.

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