Funeral Nationak for the Victims of Kanaval accident

Funeral Nationak for the Victims of Kanaval accident

On Saturday, February 21, 2015, there was a national funeral fpr all 17 Victims of Kanaval accident.

Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul officiated at a national funeral held for 17 people killed by being trampled to death during the 2015 Carnival. The deceased's caskets were each covered with the Haitian flag. The funeral took place at Champ de Mars Park, and was also attended by President Martelly and First Lady Sophia.

The incident that started the stampede occurred when singer Daniel Darinus, perched atop one of 16 parade floats, failed to clear a low-lying high-voltage cable. He mistakenly thought he had cleared all cables in the path of the float and became distracted by the crowd of parade watchers. It was reported his head hit the power line, which shocked him, generating a loud explosion along with a bright flash. The crowd panicked, causing a stampede. Darinus sustained serious burns that he was treated for at the general hospital.

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