Group of Haitian Senators, members of G16

Group of Haitian Senators, members of G16

From the beginning of the Martelly presidency, there have been a group of 16 Senators, G16 who made it clear to the president that he can not govern the country without them. The G16 senators
stated that President Michel Martelly was elected. However, he does not have a parliamentary majority. The Executive and the Legislature need to share th responsibilities and to work together to nominate a Prime Minister.

The list of the Haitian Senators who are part of the G16 include:
1 EXIUS Pierre Francky Sud
2 SAINVIL François Lucas Nord-Ouest
3 PRIVERT Jocelerme Nippes
4 LEBON Fritz Carlos Sud
5 LAMBERT Joseph Sud 'Est
6 LAMBERT Wencesclass Sud 'Est
7 JOHN Joseph Joël L'Ouest
9 DESRAS Simon Dieuseul Centre
10 BEAUPLAN Evallière Nord-Ouest
11 BASTIEN Kelly C. Nord
12 CASSY Nenel Nippes
13 PIERRE LOUIS Derex Lucien Nord- Est
14 BIEN-AIME Jean-Baptiste Nord- Est
15 MOISE Jean-Charles Nord
16 WESNER Polycarpe Nord

The list of

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