Haiti Anti Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe protest

Haiti Anti Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe protest

On the same day That President Michel Martelly made a public announcement to accept the recommendations of the Commission, major protests are taken place all over the Haitian Capital to demand his resignation

Président Michel Martelly accepts the recommendations of the Commission

The announcement was made during a short telecasted speech made by the President, at which the Prime Minister was present, though he did not speak. Despite these assurances from the President, many noted that he did not say the Prime Minister would step down. The uncertainty has had some doubtful as, noted by one patron who listened to the broadcast, the government has failed to fulfill promises before.

While Martelly stated unequivocally that Lamothe had been pivotal in driving the country's progress, the escalating spate of anti-government protests meant action is necessary on the part of the government. As such, the resignations of the secondary parties have been recommended to take place before December 25, 2014. These steps would allow for the formation of a new consensus government. It is to be seen if this course will appease the masses, many of whom believe the long delay is a ploy by the administration to have President Martelly free to rule by decree upon the dissolution of parliament in January.

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