Haiti, Controlling those with Natural or Injected Power

Haiti, Controlling those with Natural or Injected Power

In Haiti, the ongoing game of controlling those with the most Natural or Injected Power.

Haiti, one of the most interesting countries in the world in term of power struggle. This is a country since its inception in 1804, has been fighting itself. the country took its independence from the French under the notion of freedom, which many believe it is one of the biggest revolutions in the history of the world. However, because of this independence, it seems that Haiti has been put in a unique box. It seems that more than anything the decision has been made that Haiti must be controlled at any cost.

One of the hardest things found by those wanting to control is the individual control. Due to many factors such as volume of the population, what everyone listens to or watches or is associated with, the individual control is almost impossible in Haiti. However, Haiti has been under control. The method used is to control by controlling those with the most natural or injected power. As a result, we often end up with leaders that do not serve the Haitian population. These leaders such as Presidents, Prime-Ministers, Senators, Deputies, politicians, and others are serving others and in the meantime try as much to enrich themselves. They are puppets, taking dictation from their puppet masters. Often these decisions have nothing to do with the interest of the Haitian society.

In the meantime, we as a society continue to dig our own grave, saving those same puppet masters time an energy to do it.

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