Haiti Election budget managed by International Community

Haiti Election budget managed by International Community

Here is a picture describing the involvement of the international community in Haiti Election

Although, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is working actively, but it is yet to announce the exact election budget. However, Pierre-Louis Opont, the President of the CEP is of opinion that it could be somewhere between $50 to $60 million-- the most expensive election ever made in Haiti. The CEP has identified the fund needed and it is up to the Haitian State to decide and make necessary arrangement for the same. The Electoral Council is not empowered to determine the cost of the election. However, Pierre-Louis Opont believes that the government should make the decided amount public in the coming days. As per the statement of Sophie de Caen, the Nouvelliste UNDP director in Haiti, the commitment of international donors for the realization of election is little more than $38 million. At the moment 37.9 million dollars have already been confirmed in the following manner: Haitian government $13.8 million, European Union $6.8 million, U.S $6.5 million, Canada $5.3 million, Japan $4.5 million and Brazil $1.00 million. Whatever is the final amount, as per the agreement with the Haitian State, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) would manage the fund.

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