Haiti  Olympic multi-sports complex first anniversary

Haiti Olympic multi-sports complex first anniversary

Here is a picture of Haiti Olympic multi-sports complex after on year in existence.

Following the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2011, the National Olympic Committee of Haiti took on the job to restore all the sporting infrastructures of the country. As an integral part of this project, the Sport for Hope Centre was constructed at an expenditure of $18 million. The sports complex is vast and provides all the essential and advanced infrastructures and facilities. Classrooms, offices, medical rooms, gazebos and fitness centres are the different parts of the complex. The IDB sponsored the building of a boarding place as well. The complex was inaugurated on 15 July 2014 by the President Michel Martelly, accompanied by the Prime Minister. This year the Sport for Hope Centre celebrated its first anniversary by hosting numerous sporting events, educational camps and seminars. With the generous contribution and support from the International Sports Federation, Olympic Movement and the Haitian Government, the multi sport complex is doing very well in its progress by providing opportunities to the Haitian athletes.

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